What is CareNetwork Broadcast System?

The CareNetwork Broadcast System is a unified communications system that allows you to control your own broadcast channel, directly into the rooms of residents within your communities. No new wires, community members just tune to a new channel and view important community information such as…
– News and updates of community events
– Menu items, easily updated
– Announcements of new and existing services
– Integrated automatic weather updates and forecasts
– Scrolling ticker that can feature CNN, ESPN or your own communications twitter feed!

CareNetwork Broadcast System is controlled right from your desktop so there is NO technical skills required to update and broadcast your images, slides or videos!

Why is community communications important?
The more the residences are involved in the community, the closer the community becomes.
Communities goes through great lengths to ensure a wide variety of services are available to community members, often these services change or new services are introduced. The result… residents do not have a full understanding of what services are available and the overall involvement and quality of living is not sustained at its highest potential.

A commitment to Health and Safety, and Compliance
The CareNetwork Broadcast System is perfect for expressing your commitment to Health, Safety and Compliance. Included with every CareNetwork system is our exclusive BroadcastIT Network Screensaver… a powerful corporate communications tool that brings consistent corporate messaging direct to staff computers when they are idle. All controlled from the same easy-to-use interface.
No technical experience required to begin broadcasting tomorrow!
Re-use your existing media, most companies have excellent media and promotional programs… CareNetwork saves you money by re-using that media.

The CareNetwork System allows you to re-use existing promotional materials such as posters, images, videos. These can be easily sent to your channel to allow for cost savings of printed media and improved statement retention.

From PowerPoint or YouTube direct to your residential rooms.
All CareNetwork Systems support PowerPoint video and YouTube downloads. If you can make a presentation, you can introduce powerful video communications right to your residences.

Corporate Scalability – Consistent Corporate Communications
Ensuring consistent messages and corporate services becomes more and more difficult the larger your corporation becomes.
CareNetwork systems are integrated solutions that can be controlled from anywhere in the world and easily linked together for a centrally managed platform that includes all locations and all corporate computers displaying your Corporate Communications Screensaver. Our BroadcastIT Screensaver satisfies compliance requirements for Privacy, Cleanliness, Health and Safety and any other compliance awareness programs.